Jul 28, 2011

Artwork: Beautiful Decay, Zombie Girl

. Posted by Sherrie Thai by Shaireproductions.com

Beautiful Decay, Zombie Girl

Beautiful Decay, Zombie Girl: Initial Drawing

"Beautiful Decay" is my homage to the zombie culture. Created in pen/ink and digital coloring, this lovely creature took me on an adventure into different subjects and sciences.

With any art project, I research the subject to gain a bit of realism and substance to the piece. With my zombie woman, I had lots of fun watching (and rewatching) plenty of films such as Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland, Walking Dead, Serpent and the Rainbow, Shaun of the Dead and Fido.

Following all the films, I wondered about post-mortem decay and what people looked like at different stages. The Body Farm and forensic anthropology answered some questions on how fresh or decayed my zombie should be.

To retain the beauty of my pinup, I figured she shouldn't be overly decayed. Her pose is reminiscent of Marilyn, but without the trademark curls as I respect the legend of the Hollywood icon and didn't want to sully my vision of her.