Dec 18, 2010

Event Recap: Holiday Gifty Fair at The Crucible

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My Illustration and Pendant Artwork

My Display at the Crucible Holiday Art Fair

My Display at the Crucible Holiday Art Fair

My first art fair was so much fun. Many thanks to all who stopped by my (and Stef's) table. The best part of the whole experience was talking to folks and getting feedback on what pieces and styles spoke to them. It was enlightening that sometimes animals (particularly phoenixes) and other subjects became healing symbols for a dark time or talismans in one's life. The art prints, magnets and the custom jewelry (art pendants and steampunk) pieces were popular, so it's very encouraging.

The other vendors I met were equally inspiring, such as the uber-cool shirts from Like Minded People and the delicious miniature pies from Charlie Frank.

The Crucible is always a great venue--for artistic inspiration and fostering creativity. Below is a brief video clip of one of the fire performances. Beautiful!