Nov 15, 2010

Photos: SF Giants Victory Parade

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San Francisco Giants

Giants Victory Parade: Crowd

SF Giants Victory Parade: Decor

SF Giants: Cody Ross

SF Giants Victory Parade: Confetti Rain

Giants Victory Parade: Candid Fan

SF Giants Victory Parade: Fans

SF Giants Victory Parade: Confetti Rain

SF Giants Victory Parade: Playing in Confetti

World Series Champions Sign on the Ground

The SF Giants Victory Parade was one of the most energetic events in recent San Franciscan history. Held on November 3rd, 2010, the city was at a standstill as the baseball World Series Champions traveled down the streets in signature cable cars under a rain of confetti (orange, black and white of course). Although I couldn't see much (with the estimated million other folks), the fan fervor was infectious. After the parade, the sea of ticker tape along Montgomery Street became a playground for young and old alike. You could view the full Photo Album on Flickr.